Mum’s Modulus

I didn’t know what stress was until I had a baby and tried working full time with not enough childcare and a partner who was constantly travelling. The writing (that exposed our woefully naïve expectations) was on the wall from the moment I was dragged in for an emergency C section and we both thought I was going to die. What was the point spending weeks visualising my perfect birth plan? Anyway I digress. From the moment I fell pregnant I started writing about it. This was in the early days of blogs and the first site I used shut down but I kept the posts on a memory stick that I found in my box of revlon heated rollers the other day.

Life continued to gallop ahead. I had another baby. The Husband continues to travel. He made me get a puppy (AAARRRGGGGHHHHHH) and I have kept working as a journalist for business and engineering magazines, usually taking on more work that I can actually do for fear of the self-employed freelance well drying up. So it will come as no surprise that when it comes to my personal life I regularly enter the failure zone.

In technical terms the failure zone is the area where a material basically goes beyond the point of no return and is heading towards catastrophic collapse. Sound familiar? Engineers quantify the behaviour of materials using a concept called Young’s Modulus which basically measures reaction to stress. So I decided to create a Mum’s Modulus to do the same thing for parents. Check out this chart and see where your failure limit is.


Hopefully my posts will make you laugh, make you feel better about your own yield points and maybe (once in a while) be a bit useful.

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