Norm rips out the bathroom

DIY with Norm launched into action again last week. He is replacing the upstairs bathroom. If my children and I smell at the moment then I can only apologise. Last night he ripped out all of the existing fittings so we cannot bathe. Luckily we have lovely neighbours who have been letting us use their shower.

The previous bathroom was fitted by someone with dubious DIY skills. Even I would not put in a wastewater pipe running uphill. No wonder the shower didn’t drain properly. It also leaked because the walls were not sealed and the bathroom floor tile grout was not flexible so the tiles moved and there were holes between them. If the kids had a little water flight at bath time the water would seep through to the ceiling below. This was unacceptable. Everyone needs a good water fight in the bath once in a while.

The paint on the walls was mouldy because they didn’t use bathroom paint and the bath was a miniature one because they crammed in a separate shower meaning that there wasn’t room for a full sized bath.

Spot the uphill drainage pipe…..

So Norm is on the case. Our brown, leaking, cramped, mouldy bathroom is going to be a masterpiece in modern living. Victorian fittings, Farrow and Ball paint (mizzle – thanks Cat), antique vanity units (cheap from a reclamation yard) and white brick style tiles will hopefully make me feel like I am in a fancy hotel spa luxuriating rather than having a splash and dash in my poky brown bathroom in a semi-detached house in Finmere.

In the style of Ideal Home magazine I am going to tell you what everything cost and how Norm did it. Our first purchase cost £150. It was an old sideboard. I am going to paint it and Norm is going to fit a basin on top. Taaaa Daaaaa.

Before pic – undercoat applied and basin stacked on top so you can get an idea of how it will look

Sideboard: £150 Burgess Reclaimation (You are welcome. Actually my Mum discovered this gem of a place)

Basin: £50 Better Bathrooms

Paint: £24 Farrow & Ball – Mizzle Eggshell





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